About Hobie Catamarans

A Hobie Cat is a type of catamaran (multi-hull) sailboat produced by the now legendary, Hobie Cat Co, California, USA. Hobie began manufacturing Hobie Cats in the 1960’s and has gone on to become the largest producer of small catamaran sailboats in the world and while Hobie now produces surfboards, catamaran sailboats and monohull sailboats the company remains synonymous with it’s popular range of catamarans which include the very famous Hobie 14, Hobie 16, Hobie 17, Hobie Getaway, Hobie Bravo, Hobie fx-one and Hobie 18.

Other Popular Beach Catamarans

Hobie cat sailing is truly an adrenaline-pumping sailing experience.  Hobie catamarans are legendary in sailing circles for their speed and maneuverability and for providing serious sailing thrills, getting up to 20+ knots in good wind!! Dingy sailing just doesn’t come close, Hobie catamaran sailing just has to be tried to be believed! 

About Hobie Cat Sailing

Catamaran sailing is immensely fun!  In a great many respects sailing a dinghy and sailing a catamaran are the same thing but the design and operation of a catamaran can make for a lot more thrills and action than regular monohull sailing. 

As catamarans have two hull’s they are more stable and can carry a lot more sail area, making them very fast for their length.  The two catamran hulls are separated by cross bars with a ‘trampoline’ stretched across them on which the crew sits when they are not trapezing.   A trapeze is a line attached to a high point on the mast to which crewmembers attach themselves, that enables then to ‘sit out’ of the catamran to provide extra weight on the catamrans leeward hull allowing the sailboat to travel faster through the water in strong wind.  Very often you will see crewmembers ‘sitting out’ or ‘trapezing’ when the cat is ‘flying a hull’ which is sailing with one hull completely raised out of the wate,r with the crew standing against the sides of the raised hull providing extra stability.

To learn more about hobie catamaran sailing contact Alan McIntosh at Meltemi Beachcats to arrange a catamaran sailing lesson on 021 958 812.

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About Hobie Catamrans

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